When we become ignorant...

I've just came back from ethics lecture dinner. This is a compulsory course for every pupil in Malaysia. Before being admitted as an advocate and solicitor, we need to undergo the course. It comprised of lectures, test, and dinner. The lectures were marvellous but the test was quite tough. But this is not what I'm going to share with you. Yang penting, you all please pray for my success in that test.

What is interesting is about my conversation with one senior lawyer who used to be one of the lecturers.

Me : I believe that the market is going to be opened to the world at large including our legal business, rite?

He : Yes you are right. The challenge is going to be tougher day by day. And it might be sooner.

Me : Huh?

He : Yup, the America is now very eager to sign the world trade treaty and the border might be demolished by next year.

Me : That means the market shall be so competitive.

He : Yes, you have to know many things and start think of one thing that you should be master in.

Friend : Hmm, I think the Malaysian can be master in Syariah law.

He : Not necessary. Today's best syariah lawyer is from England.

All o us : What? (tercengang semua..)

He : Yes, they are the experts.

Me : Are they muslims?

He : No. Don't ever assume that only muslims can master it. It has nothing to do with religion

Pang!! It's like a big slap on your face. Macamana plak orang bukan Islam boleh master in our religion. Tambah plak, aku agak geram when he said religion has nothing to do with this area of work. When you are hardworking and creative etc.. that is what counts. Memang la betul tapi ini betul-betul mencabar aku.

Anyway, this is the reality. Cumanya aku rasa kita patut rasa bersalah bila ada orang lain lebih mahir tentang apa yang kita percaya dan yakin. Unless we are believing in certain teachings of Islam and ignoring the others.

One example I like to put it to us. You know Ahmad Deedat? The one who master in Quran and Bible. He's much more knowledgeable in Bible rather than the Father (Christian's scholars) himself. He made people believe more in Quran after he won many debates. Should Christians blame their scholars for that failure? Should they feel guilty of not being well-verse in Bible?

The same goes to us. Takkan kita tak rasa apa-apa bila orang lain mahir dalam sesuatu yang kita percaya. Plus, we believe that Islam is a way of life. Thus, it includes legal works, economic work, scientific works, and any other works. Aku takut satu hari nanti, orang akan gunakan agama kita untuk merosakkan kita sebab kita banyak yang tak tahu. Then, they manipulate the knowledge. That's why now we always hear the movement that struggle for freedom of life..etc which actually happened because of knowledge being manipulated by human-sole-mind without having faith to guide them in thinking.

Satu hari apabila dunia global menjadi dunia tanpa sempadan, kita akan rugi kalau tak bertindak mencari kekuatan diri. Apa yang kita ada apabila orang luar datang ke Malaysia untuk menjadi peguam atau lain-lain kerjaya? Mereka punya kemahiran yang sedia hebat dan diperlukan. Alangkah ruginya kita bila kita baru sahaja sedar pada waktu diorang sampai, dan kita mencungap-cungap mencari kekuatan yang sepatutnya.

I think this is why Allah made the scenario above happened in my life tonight. HE wants me to think and share the thought with people who I might communicate with. Lets us think and act. We are no more in comfort zone. We are nobody if we keep looking inside the box. We should now think and look outside the box.

Dulu umat Islam lah yang menguasai dunia. All knowledge came from our scholars. Ibnu Haitam (as I wrote before) who master the science of optic. Ibnu Sina was the master in medicine. Al Farabi the musician. Dan banyak lagi... tapi semuanya telah lenyap dari pengetahuan kita disebabkan kekalahan umat Islam di Baghdad. Most of our books are ruined by the non-Muslim in a war. Bayangkanlah betapa banyak buku kita dimusnahkan sehingga Sungai Tigris hitam akibat dakwat yang terlarut di dalamnya.

It's only a history which we can be proud of. Tapi takde gunanya pun kalau bangga saja sebab kehebatan dulu adalah milik orang dulu. Zaman kita adalah milik kita. Kalau teruk, maka itulah kita. Kalau hebat, memang sampai bila-bila pun orang kenang. So?

As Muslims, we are the one who much more easier to learn and to understand the teachings of Islam in any kind of fields that we are in now. If the non-muslim can be the best in our should-be-expertise, why we can't do so? Ya, a long journey starts wih a single step. Yang penting, kita usaha sebaik mungkin. Sebab Allah kata, "Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan kaum itu sendiri mengubahnya." (ar-Ra'du : 11)

This is a voice of my bottom heart. Please support me as your support would encourage me to make a CHANGE in my life. And I'll support you if you too want to make a CHANGE. Because you can never change me and I can never change you. Believe it!

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