Don't just take me out (99 words)

‘Take me out’ NTV7 program seems unrealistic for people to find their loves. It’s only sensational for rating rather than socially help single persons to find true partners. Muslims are not supposed to take part here. They better try the TV9 ‘Cari Menantu’ but unfortunately no more in existence.

E Jiahao found his materialistic partner, Sun Yali who then broke the engagement and took away the BMW bought by that guy (they are in the kind of 'take me out' NTV7 program in China)
Women prepared to interrogate potential suitors on the dating show "If You Are the One." (the same program as above)
Whatever those ‘orang putih’ reality shows have, the same local producers want too. Just name it. Last October, China had introduced a policy to regulate these reality shows that poisoned their culture. Apart from its political issue, I stand to support this practical idea to mould the content. Though education is the best tool, but the vulgarity has exceeded the limit. We need the upper hand to operate. 

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wawa berkata...

not all reality shows that came from hollywood are suitable for malaysia's cultural climate. we have our own culture and way of life to consider. but in today's world, boundaries are not something that can be maintained. it is my believe that parents should control what their children watch on tv and surf on the internet every day especially muslim parents. teenagers nowadays especially muslim teenagers are all too eager to follow their counterparts from the west and even the east (k-pop and j-pop) in their lifestyle (casual sex, homosexual, drinking etc..) education starts from tender age.

p/s : watch 'orang putih' movies and series when i was a little girl to improve my english vocabulary and pronunciation. alhamdullillah it works. got many information from their series too.

Sahalfikri berkata...

After all efforts been given, it's only doa and tawakkal that would be helpful. May Allah helps us..

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