Duty vs Right

Yesterday I was told by a lecturer in 'Ethics and Governance' class that duty and right are different. He made it simple. Duty is what others expect from you. Right is what you may claim for it.

"Duties come with obligations and rights come with claims"

After heard this, I found something else. Ya, still in the name of governance, but between 'slave' and 'Lord'.

It is our duty to perform whatever Lord expect from us. To do this, He prescribed everything in the Holy Book together with the sayings of His Messenger. Thus, all of them become obligations on us.

Once the obligations were duly exercised, we shall be rightful to have what He promised. Thus, our claims through prayers will then be fulfilled.

So, if our claims not being granted, it seems like we don't deserve the right. Why? Perhaps the duties were not so well performed. Hmm... simple analogy from the deep of my thought.

p/s:  Care not only the human rights but also the duties to other human

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wawa berkata...

that's one way of looking at the issue. but maybe what we asked is not the best for us for only He knows what is the best for this life. therefore when Allah did not grant you with what your heart desires maybe it is not the best for you and never ill-think of Allah's decision in your life because you are merely His servant, serving Him in this temporary journey. but bear in mind that Allah will never over-looked all good deeds done by His servant and for all good deeds done with the intention of gaining His blessings will be rewarded, InsyaAllah.

Sahalfikri berkata...

Ya, this is the further discussion on the issue. We do not know what is the best. However, Allah said He shall grant what you ask for.. only time that matters. If not now, later.. not in this worldly life, later in the hereafter. I totally agree with you about no negative thinking of Allah's decision. Everything is good even it seems bad to our eyes.

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